Transform The Way You Resell

CashMetrics simplifies your work with a central place to track your profits,
shipping costs, fees, and profit margins.


Analyze your purchases, sales, and profit margins.


Organize your inventory, to-do list, and fees.


Increase your profits by taking advantage of our algorithms.

Track your sales

CashMetrics offers an intuitive navigation and input of your data into our system. Whether you want to input everything manually or simply transfer your current Excel spreadsheet, you will be able to easily transfer everything into a secure, digital platform accessible from anywhere in the world.

Organize all inventory

View your inventory in a single, easy-to-navigate formant with the ability to sort it by brand, quantity, availability, and retail price. Unlike Excel, you will easily be able to add, remove, or transfer items to sales whenever you need. In addition, you can upload your own images to further enhance your reselling capabilities.

Calculate the fee

Easily calculate the selling fees of platforms such as eBay, GOAT, StockX, and more. CashMetrics comes with a preset default of some of the major reselling markets, however, you will be able to create an unlimited number of custom fee options for an easy estimate of your final earnings.


Take advantage of our organizational algorithms
to maximize your earning potential.

To-Do List

Easily organize your day
with our built-in to-do list in order to
stay on top of your competition.

Track Earnings

Track your earnings and
sort them by day, month, and year
to always be aware of your profitability.

Sales & Expenses

View our automatically generated
sales and expenses graphs which help you
visually analyze your progress.

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